Our Staff

Deanna Martinez (Church Administrator)

Deanna Martinez grew up in Praise Chapel all her life. Sensing the call of God on her life early on she has faithfully served in our worship ministry since the age of 15 in both youth and adult services. She became the worship leader for our congregation at the age of 21. She met and married her husband Joseph in the church; together they have served in our youth department as youth pastors, and then went on to lead a bible study in their home. Deanna and her husband, and two children felt the pioneering call on their lives, they packed up and moved to NYC. After a few years of plowing they couldn’t resist the tug in their hearts to return home. The timing of her return and the availability to our office is truly God’s ordained.

Rick & Carrie Romo (Building Administrators)

Rick and Carrie Romo came on board in July 2016 as our Building Administrators.\r\nBoth Rick and Carrie are the proud parents of Hannah and Caleb, run two businesses and serve as our Youth Pastors. They are a wonderful example of people who have learned the secret of doing “everything as unto the Lord”. They have proven themselves to be diligent in managing our properties and serving the church in the spirit of servanthood. They are a blessing to us all.

Olga Mota (Custodian)

Olga Mota serves as our Custodian here at Praise Chapel. Olga is the busy mom of five children and wife of Ray Mota. Olga came on with us in June of this year (2016) and works hard to keep our church and offices in excellent condition. We are very appreciative of everything she manages for us. Olga and her husband have also served in various ministries in our church through the years and are a blessing to this congregation.